Historical Preservation Society (The Old School of Cameron)

Historical Preservation Society (The Old School of Cameron) located at 116 West 4th Street is the 1st Chamber Business Spotlight for March. The Historical Preservation Society employees two: Denise Maddex, office manager and Kim Lowry. The Old School was established in 1914 and the Historical Preservation Society was established in 1994

The “Old School” facility then…
The facility was erected in 1914 to house elementary through high school students in the Cameron area. The $50,000 price tag boasted all the most modern conveniences, steam heat, drinking fountains, electric lights, inside toilets, and a gym.

The U.S. Geological Society place a survey marker on the southwest corner of the school building in 1920, near the foundation. It indicates the highest point in the city of Cameron at the time, 1039 feet above sea level. Later the U.S.G.S. established a monument benchmark near the curb in the southwest part of the lot. (Its purpose, even to this day, is a vertical and horizontal contact point for surveyors in the community.)

The last graduating class from this building was 1947 when the high school students were moved to another location. The Cameron School district used the building for lower grades until 1993 when the decision was made to raze the building.

The “Old School” facility today…
The Historic Preservation Society, under the direction of Dr. E. Richard Schmidt, was formed to buy and preserve the “Old School” as an icon of the community and to make it available for public use. Lining the halls are pictures of Cameron’s graduating classes from 1909 through the early 80’s. There are also 2 glass display cases with memorabilia of various years. Original printings of the school paper “The Tank” are also available to be reviewed.

Meetings, luncheon, birthday parties, seminars, litigation reviews, weddings, wedding receptions, family reunions, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, dances and a variety of other events continue to keep the “Old School” a viable and active part of the Cameron, Mo. community.