N.W. Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

N.W. Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. located at 1001 W. Grand Ave. is the Chamber Business Spotlight for January. Established April 7, 1949, N.W. Electric has 63 employees along with CEO & General Manager, David McDowell.

N.W. Electric is a transmission cooperative that provides wholesale electricity to seven distribution cooperatives in northwest Missouri, Atchison-Holt Electric, Rock Port, MO; Farmers’ Electric, Chillicothe, MO; Grundy Electric, Trenton, MO; North Central Missouri Electric, Milan, MO; Platte-Clay Electric, Kearney, MO; United Electric, Savannah, MO and West Central Electric, Higginsville, MO.  N.W. Electric owns/operates over 1,700 miles of high voltage transmission lines in 34 counties in northwest Missouri and southwest Iowa.  The operating voltages of these lines are 69,000 volts, 161,000 volts and 345,000 volts.  In addition to the transmission lines, N.W. Electric owns/operates over 130 substation sites.  Most of the substations reduce the voltage to lower a voltage that the distribution cooperative can distribute to their members.  The seven distribution cooperatives serve over 77,000 households, farms and businesses.

N.W. Electric’s neon sign which was recently refurbished and is now displayed west of our office was originally hung on N.W. Electric’s second office in downtown Cameron.  That office is now the Cameron Library.