Forever Wellness

Forever Wellness, located at 806 N Walnut and established in January of 2019, is owned/operated by Beth Shaver-Swindler  with employees Jeanne Brown and Emily Anderson. Their main focus is to bring health and wellness in a natural CBD product. Ultra concentrated terpene rich oil derived from 100% organic, gluten free, non-GMO Hemp. State of the art nanotechnology increases absorption and ensures their products are incredibly efficient and cost effective.  They have 2 doctors on staff and 3rd party lab testing. All products are grown in the United States and processed & manufactured in Missouri.

Forever Wellness products offer relieve of inflammation, pain & anxiety with no side effects. They also offer the finest skin care products with their anti-inflammation topical cream being their #1 top seller. Equally popular is their “Full Pet Wellness” line which includes tinctures, treats and food supplements helping our pets to be happier and feel less pain, pets feel anxiety just like adults and children. One of a kind gifts (such as candles made in KC), accessories and furniture.

Come in and enjoy a free sample in their relaxing home away from home…

Thank you for your kind support ever the past year. Stay strong and healthy with CBD nutrients. A BIG thank you to all of our first responders!!  Forever Wellness ~ Beth Shaver Swindler