Regional Radio-100.1 Classic Rock KKWK & 99.3 FM 1360 AM Classic Country KMRN

The 2nd Chamber Business Spotlight for January is Regional Radio- 100.1 Classic Rock KKWK & 99.3 FM 1360 AM Classic Country KMRN. Pictured are Manager: Jon Ingram and employees: Chris Ward, Eric Mizener, Janet Hillman, Amber Wilkinson and Jeremy Shields. Established February 25, 1971 they are a radio station and marketing company whose focus is to provide the community with locally driven content and to offer a platform for businesses to grow and thrive through effective advertising.

For questions/ideas about local programming, contact Content Director: Chris Ward at [email protected]. For questions about marketing opportunities for your business contact Janet Hillman at [email protected] or Amber Wilkinson at [email protected] .