The Drug Store

Established November 7, 1977 The Drug Store located at 610 N Walnut is our 2nd Chamber Business Spotlight for February. The Drug Store is operated and owned by J. Stephen Erickson RPH PD and employees: Teri Boyd, Ashley Bray, Vicki Broermann, Kaylin Campbell, Kylie Campbell, April Cockrill, Michaela Curtis Pharm D, Damond Erickson RPH, Anna George, Rhonda Gienapp, Wendell Gunzenhausen, Debra Harper RT, Kiersten Howell, Trey Howell, Lexis Hutton, Charles Miller RPH, Rebecca Patrick, Angela Riley and Stephen “Dewey” Skilling RPH.

When ask their main focus Steve stated, “Patient care- the assurance that all patients are able to access the proper medications for their various diagnosis at an affordable price. Fighting the BIG Pharmaceutical companies and BIG Insurance companies is our constant entertainment each day.” He also added, “Quality is the Standard for over 40 years…The next generation is ready to succeed!”