Cameron Title LLC

Cameron Title located at 123 East 3rd Street is our first Chamber Business Spotlight for November. Established July 1, 1985 the title company is owned by Lisa Dowell and managed by Lisa R. McCartney. Additional employees include Tracy Kellerstrass, Angela Hogan and Annette Howard.

Cameron Title protects the biggest investment most people make in their lifetime, their home, commercial property or real estate.  They search the real estate, court and tax records, often including federal court records, to insure they have clear title to the property.  When issues (clouds on title) are found they work with their clients to find ways to clear those clouds.  When they issue a Title Insurance Policy, they are insuring that the consumer has clear marketable title to their home, commercial property or real estate.  In the event a claim arises, they help them with that claim to obtain the best possible outcome for them.

Cameron Title is also a bonded Escrow Company, assisting in the closing process making sure your closing goes as smoothly as possible, whether buyer, selling or refinancing.

July 1st 1985, Mike Poland and Stephen Griffin purchased Johnston Title Service from Lillie Johnston and started Cameron Title.  Johnston Title Service was a long standing title and abstract company in the Cameron community.   Cameron Title has been serving Northwest Missouri ever since and was purchased by Lisa Dowell in 2008.  The employees of Cameron Title have a combined 70 years of Title Insurance experience.  Cameron Title is Cameron’s only hometown title company. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!