Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn is a family-owned and operated business located at 501 Northland Drive. Owner CJ Thakor, pictured with employee Jay Thaker, said “We are proud of our new rooms and know that you will find them comfortable and welcoming.” Red Roof provides new comforts to all travelers, at an economical price. “Just because you’re furry, shouldn’t mean you have to spend the night in the car. At Red Roof, we do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable,” said CJ. “That’s why we invite you to relax with your four-legged family member. And, unlike other ‘pet friendly’ hotels, there are no additional charges.” Red Roof Inn was established February 14, 2018. Other employees include Pooja Thakor, Uma Thakor, Nancy Rauseo and Hannah Van Meter. Thanks for your business!