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About Cameron

“The Crossroads of the Nation.”

Cameron is located in Northwest Missouri at the junction of Interstate 35 and U.S. 36 – “The Crossroads of the Nation.” Situated in Clinton and DeKalb counties more than 9,000 people call Cameron home.

Whether you have lived in Cameron your entire life or are new to the community you get a content and safe feeling the moment you arrive. It’s been this way from the town’s start, and with the live-and-let-live community type atmosphere that prevails, this “comfort” label sure looks good for the future.

Visitors to our community will find that the Cameron Regional Medical Center is an ultramodern and excellent facility that provides quality health care to the Northwest Missouri region. Our community members are have an assurance of safety not felt in other communities our size. The police force is made up of officers who care about the community and work to make it better. Most of the officers also volunteer on the Cameron Fire Department, which is made up of community members who give of their own time to protect the city.

Add to those attractive attributes a diversified array of city parks, annual events and recreational facilities including a golf course, tennis courts, picnic shelters, Olympic size swimming pool and a disc golf course to host family and community events. Summer music concerts by the Cameron Municipal Band and other cultural events will have you knowing that Cameron is the place you have been seeking.

So join us for a day or — better yet — how about a lifetime?

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